Ultimate Facebook and Membership Plugin loops user between register screens

A new user using the Register with Facebook gets redirected to the membership registration page and then gets looped back to the Register with Facebook page. I only have one access level and I would like to have every new user complete the their profile before continuing further.

  • PC

    Hey @afrounited

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    I think it's the BuddyPress Xprofiles causing the issue here. Membership takes control of the registration process and Xprofiles add more fields to the registration with Ultimate Facebook might not recognize

    Let me test this on my lab site out of the box and see if I can replicate the same.

    I will keep you posted.

    Sales &Support

  • PC


    I just tested it real quick and see the same behavior where I am redirected to the same page after I select a subscription.

    This is what is happening on my install

    1: I visit register page
    2: I click signup and select register with facebook
    3: Form is filled up as I am logged in with facebook, I click register and it throws me back to the subscription selection screen and the same goes on.

    I have sent this to the attention of our lead developer and will keep you posted as they respond.

    Sales &Support

  • afrounited

    Hi PC, I was thinking, perhaps the codes I have on my function.php files could be cause this unique issue. I know that email confirmation/activation has been disabled and some re-directs might be cause singin the problem. Here's what's in my function.php that I added. I have installed Anti-slog, Membership, Ultimate Facebook, Si Captcha anti-spam and Stop Spammer Registrations plugins to help me stop spammers incase some plugins have some automatic features that interfere with new users.

    # Other WP Stuff
    // This theme styles the visual editor
    // Comment form JavaScripts from WP
    if ( is_singular() ) wp_enqueue_script( 'comment-reply' );
    // Add default posts and comments RSS feed links to head
    // This theme support BuddyPress
    add_theme_support( 'buddypress' );
    // Add responsive layout support to BP
    add_theme_support( 'bp-responsive' );
    //global $theme_settings;
    //$themeSettings = $theme_settings->get_objects(array('_plugin'));
    // Change the text on the signup page
    add_filter( ‘bp_registration_needs_activation’, '__return_false' );
    function my_disable_activation( $user, $user_email, $key, $meta = ” ) {
       // Activate the user
       bp_core_activate_signup( $key );
       // Return false so no email sent
       return false;
    add_filter( ‘wpmu_signup_user_notification’, ‘my_disable_activation’, 10, 4 );
    //Disable new blog notification email for multisite
    remove_filter( ‘wpmu_signup_blog_notification’, ‘bp_core_activation_signup_blog_notification’, 1, 7 );
    add_filter( ‘wpmu_signup_blog_notification’, '__return_false' );
    // disable sending activation emails for multisite
    remove_filter( ‘wpmu_signup_user_notification’, ‘bp_core_activation_signup_user_notification’, 1, 4 );
    add_filter( ‘wpmu_signup_user_notification’, '__return_false', 1, 4 );
    // Register custom template files for layouts here
    //remove the bbp filter which makes bbp_is_single_user true for BuddyPress users
    function fix_bbp_user_condition(){
     if( has_filter( 'bbp_is_single_user', 'bbp_filter_is_single_user' ))
          remove_filter( 'bbp_is_single_user', 'bbp_filter_is_single_user', 10, 1 );
    remove_action( 'wpmu_new_user', 'newuser_notify_siteadmin' );
    add_action( 'wpmu_new_user', 'newuser_notify_siteadmin_enhanced' );
    function newuser_notify_siteadmin_enhanced( $user_id ) {
        if ( get_site_option( 'registrationnotification' ) != 'yes' )
            return false;
        $email = get_site_option( 'admin_email' );
        if ( is_email($email) == false )
            return false;
        $user = new WP_User($user_id);
            if(function_exists("bp_core_get_user_domain"))//just make sure to not cause trouble when bp is disables
                $user_link= bp_core_get_user_domain($user_id);
                $user_link=network_admin_url ("user-edit.php?user_id=".$user_id);//just making sure it works on normal wpms installs too
        $options_site_url = esc_url(network_admin_url('ms-options.php'));
        $msg = sprintf(__('New User: %1s
    Remote IP: %2s
    User email: %3s
    View Profile: %4s
    Disable these notifications: %5s'), $user->user_login, $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'],$user->user_email, $user_link,  $options_site_url);
        $msg = apply_filters( 'newuser_notify_siteadmin_enhanced', $msg,$user );
        wp_mail( $email, sprintf(apply_filters("new_user_registration_message_subject",__('New User Registration: %s')), $user->user_login), $msg );
        return true;
  • PC

    Hi @afrounited

    Membership has its own registration process so the only way I see this might work is as below :

    Go to Membership >> Options >> Membership pages and choose none in Register page

    Then it should use WordPress default registration process and Ultimate Facebook as well should work fine.

    Can you try that out ? or if possible I can try that out for you :slight_smile:

    Sales &Support

  • afrounited

    Once I made the changes, the Facebook App stopped working. I don't know if the 2 issues are related. When using the register with Facebook button on the register page I get the following message

    Unable to load the registration form for Afro Excel v2.0. You may have previous blocked this app on Facebook. Go yo your Facebook privacy settings to unblock this app. (Error: Missing 'redirect_uri' query parameter.).

    So now I complete testing user registration. This is so frustrating.

  • PC

    Aah, I think its related to the other thread where I just posted.

    I would like to have a close look at your site settings and look at it from scratch.

    Can you please send me your login details via our secure contact form

    1: Mark the email to my attention

    Attn: PC

    2: Include a link of this thread in the email

    3: Include FTP and WordPress super admin details.

    4: While filling the form, select "I have a different question" from the list.

    Looking forward for a response on this.


  • PC

    Hey there,

    I have tested it with a lot of combinations with Vlad and finally its sorted out.

    I had to install the latest membership RC version from here : https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/membership-345-release-candidate and that fixed the issue.

    Please note that I had to change the Ultimate Facebook app creds for testing purpose so I would request you to change them back to your live app creds :slight_smile:

    Sales &Support

  • afrounited

    Wicked. Thank you for the quick follow up.

    I tried it and saw how the style/buttons on the membership level selection page were new. It now looks like the buttons works. I tried it and it works. The new user gets created just that the menu button is not the right one. Each menu has a CSS code for logged in and logged out users.

    However, I would like to point out my new user was assigned Subscriber access and he couldn't see the logged in menu. Vlad's profile is also a Subscriber whereas you (PC) have the Participant role. I'm not sure if Vlad can see all the menus or it it only you?

    The goal is to have every new user is a Participant (Level 1) which can see the all the menu options.

    Logged out users (visitors) can only see the register, activate, about us, contact us and home page. I can't figure how to set a "new default roles" when a new user registered the Facebook Plugin.

    BTW... should I create a new separate blog for this "new user" default role question. Please let me know how to proceed. Thank again for all the great work.

  • PC

    The goal is to have every new user is a Participant (Level 1) which can see the all the menu options.

    Logged out users (visitors) can only see the register, activate, about us, contact us and home page. I can't figure how to set a "new default roles" when a new user registered the Facebook Plugin.

    If you want the logged in user to view the menu items, it should simply be associated with their access level and the menu should be added to positive rules.

    So you'd need a custom menu to be created and then you can protect the menu items. The usage guide will help you there : https://premium.wpmudev.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Membership3440-Docs.pdf (Page 54)

    Page 43 Of 70 talks about the new user role. Membership plugin can change the user role once its assigned to a subscription. So can you kindly check and see if you have set it accordingly ?

    If not, just let me know and I would be around.

    PS : Generally its advisable to keep separate issues on separate threads so that both you and us can manage them efficiently :slight_smile:

    Sales &Support

  • afrounited

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Testing out a new user registering on the site using the "manual" and "Register with Facebook" options, both came back with problems. Although, signing-in with Facebook using the wp-admin works perfectly fine, I'm unable to get past both Membership and Ultimate Facebook plugin issues.

    Clicking on Join on the front-end landing page on http://www.afrounited.com, and selecting the Student Access to "Sign up", I get redirected to the register page.


    1. Manually filling up each field including the captcha code followed by clicking "Sign-up" displays the following message: "You currently have a subscription for the Student Access subscription. If you wish to sign up a different subscription then you can do below".

    a) There are no alternative subscription below.
    b) The message should at the very least state: Please click on login menu button using user name and password you indicated.
    c) Ideally, the user would automatically logged-in after verifying his/her credentials.

    The good news is that a new user has been created and can access all the authorize pages.
    The bad news is that the user isn't logged in and there's no direction/indication on what to do next other then clicking on the available menu options which would eventually lead the user to the registration page again.

    The users who clicks on the "Login" button, will see a pop-up will appear and the user is able to log in using his new access information with no problem.

    Register with Facebook

    Using "Register" in the navigation menu, clicking "Register using Facebook" button, clicking on "Log in the prefill the form below with your profile information", filling up the pop-up content, clicking on "Log-in" filling up the captcha and clicking "register", loops the new user back to the "register page"

    a) There no new user registered on the site even after "Log-in" using the Facebook credentials.
    b) Checking the box "Auto-login after registration" under the "Facebook Connect" Tab in the plugin menu > Facebook Settings, doesn't make a difference.

    I get here,

    Loops to here,

    Which brings me back to here:

    I've been troubleshooting around these 2 plugin for about 2 months and both you and Vlad have been amazing at answering my inquiries. At this point I'm willing to try anything to get over this roadblock and not spend another moment on this issue. Perhaps if the only available options to sign up were manually and using a shortcode/ccs/html code to display the same Facebook button that appears on the "wp-admin" login screen? I'm fine with removing the "Register with Facebook" button on the "Registration" page if it a working Facebook button on the main Front page can be placed next to the red "Join" button.


  • PC

    Hey there,

    I visited the site again and see that there have been a few changes and the join button is no longer there. Did you remove that ?

    I also see that Ultimate Facebook plugin is no longer there but it's a one all social login plugin there.

    There have been issues with Membership plugin and Ultimate Facebook registration going side by side as both the plugins use different methods for registration however I have sent a note to our lead developer of membership plugin i.e. @Eugene Manuilov for his help on this issue so that we can get this fixed for you asap :slight_smile:

    I really appreciate your patience on this one. We will certainly get this sorted out.

    Sales &Support

  • afrounited

    I see what you mean.

    I had to troubleshoot the access levels to figure the positive/negative rules to define the Protected Content for logged-in users. I think I recreated a new access level which deleted your access.

    I wanted to point out that both you and Vlad have different WP Site Roles under the Admin Dashboard > User > All Users > Site Roles whereas you both have the same roles on under the Membership > All Members > Subscription/Access Level.

    WP User Admin Dashboard

    Membership Plugin All Users Panel

    On my end, comparing user123 vs uers234 (which has the same setting you and Vlad has), User123 has access to all the menus but can't access the Admin Dashboard. User234 can only see the "About Us" menu and CAN access the Admin Dashboard.

    I'm not sure what roles NEW users are assigned to when they sign-up via Facebook vs manual registrations (Participant or Subscriber). I think every NEW users should have Participant roles however, Membership plugins doesn't list role under its user roles options.

    IF you need me to change your roles or give you both Super-Admins roles, please let me know.

  • Oran

    Hello there. I have the same issue.

    1: I visit register page
    2: I click signup and select register with facebook
    3: Form is filled up as I am logged in with facebook, I click register and it throws me back to the subscription selection screen and the same goes on.

    I have built in facebook registration in my theme.
    It seems like after registration from facebook I can't change my extended profile fields from the buddy press and from the Active page. I can only change First, Last name and Account details. FYI It's working great if I register manually.

    There is any easy solution ? I could not understand what the solution here.

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