Ultimate Facebook: Automatic Import of Facebook Comments Not Happening after 2 Hours Wait


I raised a query on a previous thread about the frequency of the CRON job used to import comments from Facebook into the WP post comment thread on my site (see here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/ultimate-facebook-how-long-should-it-take-for-automatic-retrieval-of-facebook-comments). The advice was that the job runs hourly, thanks for that information.

I posted a test comment on Facebook and waited for 2 hours to see if it was imported into the comment thread on the post on my WP site. It wasn't imported automatically after the 2 hours; I checked by ensuring I cleared my browser cache and reloaded the page each time I checked. I'm not running any cache plugin on the site. After 2 hours I manually used the "import" link within the plugin settings page and the comment was imported immediately and placed in the correct posts comment thread.

Do I need to explicitly set up the CRON job to run, if so could you advise on what I need to do for that? If I don't need to manually set up the CRON job, is there anything you can see in the way I've configured the plugin that might be causing me this slight hiccup? I've attached a screenshot showing the plugin comments settings I have and the Facebook app configuration details just in case it's useful.

Thanks for any help.