Ultimate Facebook Autopost Format Feedback

I know dev is buried in fixes / requests for this fantastic plugin, but I have to add to the pile with what I think is very useful feedback for the format of the autoposts that are sent to Facebook. I think this can be improved immensely, and I will probably make these updates myself on our local plugin, but don't want to lose them with the next update.

The current format of the autopost that lands on Facebook is redundant and not all that useful. See the attached image for a visual reference for my recommendations. The red IMO are not helpful whereas the green IMO are ideal. There are several components that could be sent to the Page Wall:

– Post Title (useful)

– Site Title (not useful and very repetitive as it will be the same on every autopost)

– Site Description (not useful and very repetitive as it will be the same on every autopost)

– Post or Default Image (useful)

– Post content summary (most useful as it will tell people at a glance more what the post is about, but this is not currently included)

The Ultimate solution would be to make this configurable so that people could chose what they want to send in the autopost to FB. But I think my ideal is a better boiler plate starting point and would be to eliminate everything that would be static / redundant / repetitive on every autopost just taking up space and only / always send:

– Post / Default Pic

– Post Title

– Post Content summary

The rest just makes the wall boring to look at when it's all the same. Thanks for your consideration!