Ultimate Facebook Buddypress Group & Profile Activity wont Like on Facebook


I’ve been jumping head first into Ultimate Facebook & Buddypress. I have another testing server install where I first found this problem, so to eliminate all outside factors of custom themes and plugins I created a fresh brand new testing site and I am still having the same problem. This means there is either a bug in Ultimate Facebook or I haven’t set it up correctly?

The Problem:

Most things seem to work except for liking activity except for Buddypress Group & Profile related activity. Every time I click the Like button on a bp group activity post the button counts 1… and then it switches back to 0. Nothing happens in Facebook.

Right now all I have installed is wordpress, bp and Ultimate Facebook… thats all… Complete testing case.

To test out here is a sample link, try to click the like button and you will see what I mean…


Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem or how I can fix it? I tried using the Facebook Debugger but it didn’t help me at all.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.