Ultimate Facebook Comments Settings & Behavior Feedback / Request

In the Ultimate Facebook settings configuration Facebook Comments section there's the ability to exclude certain accounts from importing comments in the context of the site being configured. This is great for accounts that are an admin on a handful of Facebook pages. However, we have a large multi-site installation and manage social media for lots of clients. This section is literally a massive list in our case and growing larger all the time – for every site we configure we have to check every single account EXCEPT the 1 or 2 we want to sync comments with for the given site given the logic.

It seems like the reverse logic would make a lot more sense: Check ONLY the ones you want to sync to the WP site. This of course would be tough for backwards compatibility with previous versions of the plugin, but it would be huge to have this switched in a future release. The example screenshot is only a tiny portion of the massive list that what we see in that section, and having to check all these for each new site that we want to sync comments on is a pain :slight_smile:

For backwards compatibility maybe a parallel setting where you toggle the logic only. A radio button that flips between INCLUDE ONLY the following (or) EXCLUDE ALL the following from sync. Ah, that would be PERFECT! And even be pretty simple add in the conditional code that checks before pulling comments. In theory :slight_smile:

Thanks for your consideration!