Ultimate Facebook (Connect) + Membership Plugin

Hi Guys. I'm using these two plugins together and so far it's been good.

Now i'm trying to send the user to the same page he was before he clicks the facebook connect button.

For that, I've set the connect config as "blank" and it's working for regular unprotected pages.

In membership plugin I have visitor level set up, so a few people that go straight to a members-only page (URL) will be redirected to the "Protected content page" where there is a facebook connect button in place.

What I need is to send the user back to the URL he tried to go directly before the content protection hit it.

Today, when he get redirected to the Protected content page and then click the connect with facebook button, he will be sent back to the Protected content page and not the URL he was trying to go previously.

That's the ONLY page in the site that the user does not want to be redirected to, so I think that the coders should put an IF STATEMENT for that case.

How can we fix this?