Ultimate Facebook Documentation

I have the plugin installed and working some what.

Though some of the settings are common since, but there are several that are not.
Do you have more documentation on each of the settings and there function?
If not this is needed. As a admin I may be able to figure it out but my USERS surely will not be able to.

Plz let me know if there is more documentation of notes to review.


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Randal,

    Currently there's not more specific documentation. Any specific questions you might have you can let us know here and we'll gladly clarify.

    There's some things in the works to make things much simpler to setup though. The developer's done a great job of trying to make things as clear as possible in the plugin settings pages, but Facebook App setup in general just isn't quite so simple.

    We'll see how we might be able to clarify some things in the instructions page as well.

    Thanks for your feedback. We'll keep these notes in mind as work on these things.


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