Ultimate Facebook - Does nothing when clicked (and more)

We have a couple issues with Ultimate Facebook.

I created a new user in FB just to test this plugin in production. Prior to this, I thought it was working fine when I logged in using the same FB account as the app admin.

I am testing this with the latest version of FireFox & Chrome.

1) When I visit the registration page (https://seniorcareadvice.com/registration/) I click on the FB login button. It seems to be working (ajax loading gif) and then... nothing. No redirect, no email confirmation, nothing. I then login in to the site via an admin to check user status. There is nothing in WP that says I just registered. Then I visit the login page and repeat the above steps (login in via FB button). I then get an error message stating user registration is not allowed.

I have all the appropriate settings checked to allow user registration. Your FB plugin delivers a success message (via the dashboard) that is connected to FB. I'm stumped. Any support and help is appreciated.

2) If I goto the login or registration page in private tab mode in FireFox the FB button is just text. It doesn't do anything. There is no link, button, etc - just text.