Ultimate Facebook doesn't work with Themify's Premuim Theme called Pinshop

I love whats written about this plugin's feature but having purchased it and tried all sorts of ways to make it work in my website, it doesn't.

Can I ask if you'd have any solutions for me?

I know there's so many theme's out there that it may be so that not all of them are compatible. I'm just tryin' my luck to see if you guys know of any way.

An example of what is happening:

- On the login page (after enabling the plugin's many attirbutes), on clicking "login with facebook" it just remains on the wp-login.php page.
- If I try to force myself to the home page or any other page (by typing in, say the home page URL, it does not look like i'm logged in with my facebook ID.

Hope I'm making sense here.