Ultimate Facebook - Event time problem

I have an issue with the Ultimate facebook - Events widget start and end times. I've followed the tips i've seen in various forum posts on this topic, but nothing seems to change my time from the standard UTC+0 time. I need UTC+10. A test can be seen here: http://rhythmculture.com.au/facebook-events-test/
The facebook events can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/RhythmCultureOZ/events

My wordpress settings show UTC time is 2013-02-24 6:06:01 Local time is 2013-02-24 16:06:01 - this seems to be right.

My server time appears good also. I've added php_value date.timezone Australia/Brisbane to the .htaccess and my info.php seems to show the correct time.
Default timezone: Australia/Brisbane
local value:Australia/Brisbane
Master value:America/Los_Angeles
You can view the php info here: http://rhythmculture.com.au/info.php

Is there something i'm missing?