Ultimate Facebook - Grant extended permissions do not display


I am having some issues with either the "Ultimate Facebook" plugin or Facebook itself. The main issue, at the moment, is that the "Grant extended permissions" option in the "Ultimate Facebook" plugin does not display anything, just a Facebook loading image. I tried changing themes also as I have seen that suggested in other threads. I figured it could not hurt.

I have attached a number of screenshots.

Screenshot 1 is the "Ultimate Facebook" Facebook API option which shows that the plugin successfully connected to my Facebook app.

Screenshot 2 is the "Ultimate Facebook" Grant extended permissions option with the Facebook loading image. Nothing is ever displayed here other then what you see.

Screenshot 3 is an error I get when trying to sign up as a new user using the "Register with Facebook" button through the "Ultimate Facebook" application.

Screenshot 4 is the information regarding my Facebook app and this is where I could be having problems.

Do I need to be using "Cloud Services"? I was basically forced to when creating the app. Facebook is so not user friendly.

I anyone sees anything wrong here please let me know. I really need to get this working. Also, where is the documentation for the "Ultimate Facebook" plugin? I am guessing at some of the setup options and that could in itself cause issues.