Ultimate Facebook - how do you 'Grant Extended Permissions so that you can send a post to Faceb

I was able to complete the steps for Ultimate Facebook setup. I supplied the API key and Secret Key and saved the changes. A green checkmark appeared next to the phrase 'Successfully connected to UOC-Connect' in the Facebook API section.

I advanced to the Permissions and Tokens section where it warned me that, 'some parts of the plugin will require you to grant them extended permissions on Facebook. If you haven't done so already, it is highly recommended you do so now:' and provided a link that, when clicked, took me back to the Facebook API section.

The first time I think it did have me approve permissions, which I did.

Now when I go to a post page, the Facebook Publishing section says, 'Your app doesn't have enough permissions to publish on Facebook', and offers the same link that takes me to the same place.

Beyond that, on the Publish to wall of this Facebook account, it only shows me my personal page and NOT the organization page to which I need to publish.

I've read Kimberly's guide (she is with WPMU and the link in the Facebook API section took me there, as well as the associated post, with screen shots, from Mac at WPMU.

What do I need to do to be able to 'grant permissions' such that I can post from a WordPress post to Facebook on an organizational account. I know this is possible because I have setup two other clients with this plug-in successfully.

  • PC

    Hello there,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    In order to do that you need to follow the below process :

    1: Login to the facebook account using which you created the application
    2: Go to Facebook settings (Dashboard >> Facebook >> Settings)
    3: Click on "User a new facebook user"
    4: Click on Grant extended permissions that will appear there.
    5: Login to the pop up and grant all the permissions it asks for.

    Can you kindly try that and let me know if that works fine ?

    Cheers, PC

  • Jeff

    Hi PC,

    1. I logged out of Facebook, and then back into it using the account I used to create the Facebook API.
    2. After doing that, I went back to WordPress and selected 'Facebook' in the sidebar on the dashboard and then settings. I went to the section on the settings page titled 'Permissions and Tokens'.
    3. I selected 'Use a new Facebook user for setup.

    Important point here: I'm using Chrome, and it blocked the pop-up. I then clicked the pop-up blocker icon at the end of the URL address bar and enabled pop-ups for this site (which is my website).

    4. After enabling pop-ups, it presented a pop-up asking me to login. I did so and the pop-up cleared.
    5. I then selected the 'Grant extended permissions' link that was above the button I mentioned in #3. A window flashed across the screen, and I was not asked to grant any permissions. The screen repositioned so that the first section in settings, 'Facebook API', was open and at the top.

    When I went to a post, the Facebook Publishing section said shows 'Your app doesn't have enough permissions to publish on Facebook' (see attached file). When I click on the 'Grant needed permissions now' link, it behaves in the same way as step 5 above.

    It still does not let me post to Facebook.

    I did use the 'Refresh user access token' button in the Permissions and Tokens section of the Settings page, but experienced the same results as above.

    I have also sent screen shots of my setup (API information has been obscured) and the Permissions and Tokens section of settings, with a circle on the link I'm using.



  • Jeff

    I'm not surprised that it was a Facebook policy change. I wish I could go through my career with 'everything in beta' so that I never have to be accountable for producing anything stable or that would do what it says it would do.

    The Login with Facebook works, and I'm grateful for that. I checked with one of my clients who is using Ultimate Facebook on his site for posting, and he says the plugin is working fine. Having said that, he also has been using it since last summer, before the policy changed.

    Thanks for your response. What is the best way to find out when a fix has been developed?


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