Ultimate Facebook - how to limit permissions needed for app?

Hello WPMU Dev community,

I have the FB app up and running and visitors can create an account via the FB login button. The first time a user logs in the FB app will ask for permissions to collect the data from FB. Here it asks for many irrelevant and dubious things.

How can i limit the information the app asks for upon first login?

I want the app to only ask for first name, last name, email and birthday.

I want to avoid all the rest - otherwise it looks spammy as it asks for profile, relationship, religion, etc... that would heavily harm the registration rate.

I defined the map fields in the plugins settings. I tried to delete the about field but couldn't find a delete button so i just deleted the text where the mapped fields are defined.

Please let me know how to define the permissions the FB app asks for, i.e. the data the app asks for.

Thank you