Ultimate Facebook is being Ultimately a Pain. Not Posting to FB from BP activity.


I have not got any replies for some time and really no help on this issue. This plugin is not working as it should. I am reposting this request for help because I fear my earlier post is out of sight and out of mind.

When posting to the wall in Buddypress if I click the little blue F for Facebook it just adds a #facebook before the post content and then nothing is updated to my Facebook wall /account. I’ve granted permission to the app per instructions.

Please contact me to help me on this asap. This is important. It makes the site seem Broken to all my users. Thanks

  • DavidM
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    Hi jsegal,

    Sorry that I missed responding to your prior thread. I just posted back there and basically what you’re looking to do wouldn’t be possible with Ultimate Facebook’s auto-posting feature as it is designed to work with WordPress posts rather than the BuddyPress activity stream.

    I did mention in the other thread though, you could take a look at the BuddyStream plugin to see if that would work for you.



  • Mason
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    Apologies for the delayed response. Looking at the screenshot in your earlier thread, I’m not sure where that facebook button is coming from. I can’t recreate it with the Ultimate Facebook plugin or the Activity + plugin.

    What settings are you using to have that appear?

    I did notice a javascript error on your site as well so you may want to look into that. My hunch is a javascript conflict that could also be causing the issue with the facebook button so disabling other plugins will help confirm this.


  • Mason
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    what is the little blue F in the Ultimate FB activity posting thing for then?

    That’s what we’re saying – it’s not part of the Ultimate FB plugin. Something else is adding that. Disable other plugins to find the culprit. (Alternatively, if you disable Ultimate FB, the button should persist).

    Let us know.

  • jsegal
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    Thank you guys. You are right. Sorry!

    It was another plugin that is supposed to let users post from their activity update to their FB page called Buddystream. So that was the plugin that was failing not Ultimate Facebook. Ultimate FB lets me Autopost my Blog Entries not the Activity Stream BUT, that would Sure be a great upgrade to it if you guys can make it work! thanks for your help.


  • Mason
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    Hiya Joe,

    It was another plugin that is supposed to let users post from their activity update to their FB page called Buddystream.

    Cool. Glad you were able to find it. We’ll definitely consider posting BuddyPress Activity to Facebook for a future release. We haven’t seen anyone ask for it up until now.

    Does this do something different than what UFB plugin does?

    Nope. From what I can tell it basically does the same thing as the comments portion of our plugin.


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