Ultimate FaceBook Login Synching with established profiles

I am attempting to replace all the various plugins that I use for my website with the ones at wmpudev. The first one I want to tackle is Ultimate FaceBook. I am replacing OneAll Social Login. I have setup the app on facebook and it works. The login works as well. I want to give the users time to resync their login to Ultimate Facebook instead of OneAll. Oneall allows a person who already has a WordPress account to sync by going to their profile page.
I am trying to find out how do to two things.
1) allow a user that has registered with wordpress to sync their facebook profile/login without creating a new WordPress account.
2) the current that are logged in with OneAll to sync with Ultimate Facebook once they are logged in to their WordPress account.
Is there a way to do this? As it stands, even when I connect with Ultimate facebook, it creates a new profile. I have watched the videos but found nothing that really addresses this.