Ultimate Facebook messed up mobile view

This is the second thread I'm opening about this problem but in my previous post no one is responding and I also gathered some more information about my problem since.

So I installed Ultimate Facebook and everything was working fine, I really liked it and couldn't understand how I survived without it.
One day I accessed my website through my android browser and then I saw the problem..
When displaying from android browser the Ultimate Facebook is messing up the page.
It's also happens when using Safari browser but the weird part is that the pages are displaying fine when using Chrome or Firefox.
since my site is in Hebrew you might be having trouble seeing it yourself so I added some photos. Here it how it supposed to look (a screenshot from Chrome mobile) :

And Here it how it looked from Android browser:

As you can see in the android browser the "like" and "Share" buttons are located way too much to the left and not lined up with the article, and so does the comments section.
More then that, in the browsers that aren't displaying good (android browser, Safari) the page is not responding aka you can't click on anything not even links in fact you cant interact with the page at all other then scrolling up and down, so that's obviously bad.

I really love this plugin and I would hate to delete it but in a world ruled by mobiles I can not keep it.

btw you can check it out yourself, here is a like directly to a post with the plugin component:

Please help,
thank you :slight_smile: