Ultimate Facebook no longer recognizes my ap id

My ultimate facebook use to work now it doesn't anymore it no longer recognizes app id though I reset secret key to see if it would help.
I tried to uninstall it and re installed it and it retained the info from previous install.

Tried to recreate app along side watching you demo install vid and of course the video is showing setup for previous versions and the "other" option in the fb app dashboard is no longer available. I now have error codes in my fb dashboard from trying to for my status & review area and my open graph area.

I have been trying to resolve this on my own for a week plus now. Help please.

  • Jo
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    Good Day Ari,

    So this plugin has great features but is real heavy on my server. This plugin alone accounts for 50% of my server activity and so I was considering removing it. Wow!

    I have attached screen shots but I didnt include my fb api or secret key cuz I don't remember if it will show publicly.

    So here goes!

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    Hope this works my final try
    Cant believe i sent original without noticing info in it not blurred. I guess I will change it when you are finished and hopefully works.

    Just to be clear it is mainly api in the setting area dont work but I think parts of it work otherwise.
    And when I add widget to sidebar other than the laptop I set it up with. It doesnt show up on none of the 5 pcs and laptop I checked for it.

  • Jo
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    Hello Ari,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I have switched the app from developers mode. As you prob aware is that it no longer gives you option as "live or sandbox". It is now "live and available to all users" and you select yes or no from the Status & review tab. I even recreated it to see if result would be different. I setup one in another account with same theme and it works perfectly. This particular one doesn't work.

    As prob stated before the auto post part still works which is cool. I cant remember if there was an option that allowed you to auto post both on profile wall and page at same time.
    Anyone, the major issue I am having is that when I do happen to setup fb widget it doesn't show on front end. It sometimes show on chrome from home but not on any other browsers. I figure this part should be simple but it too doesn't work.

    What could be issue?

    Thanks Ari

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    So this is just to confirm that I have gone thru your full tutorial and tested with Safari,EI and FF and nothing just a blank space.
    So at present since I have gone thru in full. I have activated the Album, Likebox and the Connect widget and only likebox shows in in chrome only. all the other browser just shows the empty space.

    Can you also answer at what part in the settings for I might've entered my fb user id? As for the Album it automatically detected what appears to be my fb profile username and the album I wanted to attach is on my page album. Irregardless of that I entered an album id from profile and then another from page and nothing shows. Please I need some help with this. I have been going over this on and off for weeks now and still no progress.


  • aristath
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    Hello again @Jo,

    I'm sorry for the delay on this post, I just had a day off.

    So, your issues are these:
    - No FB widget
    - No albums

    Can you please post a link to your website where the widget and albums should be?
    What is the ID of the album that you've used?

    Please advise,

  • Jo
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    Sorry for delay Ari.

    So far widget should be on each page with a right sidebar at the bottom. The closest I see it the my avatar with the option to switch. So the thing is Ari. Do you expect me to send you my login info in public post? How do we do this?


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    I have been doing it over and over again and even reset the page secret key and still get the same thing. Is there any other plugin on your end that would interefere with this apps settings. It still sends auto post to some extent. I thought it would give me the ability to autopost to all fb pages I admin if I were to select that option but so far no.

    I dont feel there is anything more I am able to do from my end. if I uninstall and re install it just auto populates my previous settings so much I am able to do

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    Ok, so I got a solution for us.
    So, I am running a multi site. In the multi site section I see the facebook ultimate plugin there and so I also fiilled in the app id and secret key in this section as well.

    Upon being determined to get to a solution for this, I started to remove info in both mu and direct site dashboard. It then works fine in accepting the info when it is only in the settings area for main site and now removed from mu settings.

    So, The problem is now resolved. I spent months trying to figure this out.Hope this can help save someone from same issue.

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