Ultimate Facebook - not showing preview

I'm struggling to get ANY Facebook sharing to include a preview of the post and not just the blog URL.

I've read the archives, tried all those ideas and still can't it to work. I'm lost on some of the Open Graph stuff, so need to know where I go to slay the dragon. The strange thing is that I have Ultimate Facebook working well on at least 5 other sites. I've scoured my settings, turned off all plugins, and still can't figure it out. So... am saying "Help me!"

  • GreenTiger

    be - It isn't posting squat, just the URL address of the blog itself. AND, you are also quite right in that dealing with Facebook has proved to be an exercise in futility. I've read so many darn articles I am blue in the face and have tried dozens.

    I didn't mean to indicate that was an issue with the app. In fact, I am convinced that I just didn't do something right in the creation of the app, because I have set this exact same plugin up on other websites and it is working fine.

    I'll set on it for a day and see if I hatch a swan or an ugly duckling.

    If anybody has any possible ideas, I'm open.

  • GreenTiger

    I'm still working on this issue. I've found something that is over my pay grade and am wondering if it is what could be causing the issue... and I know this isn't an issue that is a result of the plugin.

    When checking individual posts on the Facebook debugger, it is showing that it is actually going to a URL that appears to have been a 302 redirect. i.e.

    post url shows: http://newdaynewleaf.org/mt-veggie-more/
    but debugger shows it is actually reading: http://newdaynewleaf.org/MbjQZ/mt-veggie-more/

    I haven't created any redirects. And I have already found 2 other posts that have the same thing. Can someone give me a clue as to how this happens and possibly how it is relating to my Ultimate Facebook issues?


  • be

    Well I feel your pain.... I can tell you we had a similar issue where UF was posting all sorts of irrelevant things, links but no post, pictures that did not belong to posts.
    Debug showed all manner of incorrect post links..
    I remain unconvinced this is not a FBook issue..
    However it does nothing to assist coming up with a solution..
    Hopefully a staff member will be along in the not too distant future to take a closer look for you..

  • GreenTiger

    support access enabled.

    Also, just spent the last hour with HostGator chat. Trying to nail down the possibility of these phantom 302's being generated from .htaccess or something. Have come up with zero. Nothing showing up on that side, but they are creating a ticket to follow-up on that end.

    Any help is very much appreciated. Been reading about 302 redirects and possibility of hacking. That's why I checked that part out with hostgator. Nothing was on the site itself creating the conflict.


  • GreenTiger

    An update from my end. I contacted my host just to make sure there wasn't some type of malware that was creating the 302's. Spent over an hour with them... got a ticket escalated and have gotten this reply:

    Thank you for contacting us. I can certainly help with this. I had a look at this for you and I must admin that I'm rather curious as well about what might be causing this. Certainly you can imagine that with the seemingly infinite combination of Wordpress plugins and themes we will constantly see new issues, and this is one that I have not seen before.

    What I can tell you for sure is that "TiVbZ" is not part of your blog URL in any location in the database. As you stated, multiple plugins to post to Facebook doing the same thing clearly implies an extreme improbability that these plugins themselves are to blame. However, I am fairly confident that your base Wordpress installation is equally not to blame. The wildcards here, the things that I cannot fully account for, are the other plugins and the theme. SEO plugins, for example, are famous for taking URL rewriting schemes into their own hands.

    The only way for me to attempt deeper troubleshooting would be for me to repeatedly make posts to Facebook from it while tracing the PHP output on the server to follow it's trail step by step, and this may or may not reveal anything of value. My suggestion is going to be to disable all plugins but the Facebook post plugin, set the theme to one of the detaulf Wordpress themes, and try submitting a post again. I believe that this is the best way to narrow the problem and get a handle on what might be causing it.

    If I can be of any further assistance, please be sure to let me know.

    Kind regards,
    I had done the "turn off all plugins, default theme, etc", but will attempt that again just to see if the problem disappears in that scenario. It also bears noting that these changes in the URL could be coming from something within the SEO (am using Infinite SEO).

    I've got to keep after this. The client is getting pretty darn frustrated with me. Especially when I keep saying, "I don't have this problem on any of my other sites".

  • GreenTiger

    I appreciate your weighing in. I'm in water waaaay over my head with all this stuff. Learning and reading about Open Graph stuff has resulted in brain shock.

    Yes, the other sites are working on identical set-ups. I even went through and literally matched plugin by plugin, setting by setting, and I haven't found anything that is different about this site vs. the others that are operating okay.

    I've also been reading about these "phantom 302's" that are the result of malware, but that is when something is redirecting AWAY from the site.

    I think I have narrowed it down that it is happening on posts only, not on pages. I keep trying to do different things in hopes of something popping up to make some sense of where the problem is.


  • be

    Just an FYI - Infinite SEO was also noted in our issue, link above which remains at odds with other FB plugins..
    IE if we use a combination of the WPMU - UF and IS we have this peculiar untraceable issue where in our case irrelevant pictures are posting to posts and pages

    Also note: using manual sharing of youtube yesterday ie from a YT video share resulted in a link only posting on FB - no text, no vid just a link...

  • GreenTiger

    I turned off all plugins and changed theme to Twenty Fourteen.

    Activated Ultimate Facebook. Same issue.

    Please note: I could even just go to Facebook, enter the URL and it will NOT post a preview.

    so can anybody come up with a theory on how a site can generate it's own URL's? and then somehow a redirect is also produced that goes to the correct post?

    AND, it appears that this is NOT effecting pages. only posts.

  • be

    To add further difficulties to this process there is the "not in anyones control" issue of Facebooks own caching.. There is no way to know how long this process takes but in our experience it can be up to 7 days it holds the old data.
    Using the FB debug can sometimes force it to clear its own cache however we also found this did not always work..

    As you have also noted when you do a manual link not using the plugin there is an issue, again unsure if its FB itself in the midst of major changes or if something is being caused by a combination of plugin/theme triggers..

  • GreenTiger

    Thanks for the input.... yes. I am learning that 21,600 seconds for facebook to clear it's cache can be painful.

    UPDATE: I just went in and created a new test post. and it works. Any social plugin... Ultimate Facebook works.

    All of the old posts remain "tainted". I am going to wait 7 days to see if Facebook clears their cache. At that time, I will post on here that it is totally a Facebook issue. I would still appreciate any input from anyone who thinks they might have an idea as how I might rectify those old posts. If I delete them and repost I'll lose the customers likes, comments, etc. Not the end of the world...

  • GreenTiger

    Update: after continued frustration, escalated support tickets and hours of turning things on, off, blah blah blah... the bottom line is that if I start with a clean slate and start adding things back on, it appears that things go wrong once I get Infinite SEO and Ultimate Facebook going at the same time.

    One of the details to clarify is that when I was saying "I am using these plugins on other sites without issue"... I hadn't gone in and literally matched every little setting. On this site, I was using Ultimate Facebook with almost every feature enabled. I am wondering if that isn't part of the equation.

    I also didn't realize how important emptying the Supercache was in trying to properly analyze changes made.

    Here's where I am now:
    1) Infinite SEO - enabled
    2) Ultimate Facebook - deleted

    I am using another plugin for social sharing and everything is operating okay.

    I'm still not 100% convinced there isn't something else going on. After reading about what has happened over at GoDaddy with "phantom" 302's being produced is interesting... especially when the 302 that has been produced from my site is EXACTLY the same format http://yourdomain.com/postname

    It is always a 5-letter code that gets inserted into the URL and the only place I can get it to actually reveal itself is in the Facebook debugger.

    I'm going to mark this as resolved. If the wheels fall off again, I'll be back.

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