Ultimate Facebook open graph settings in BuddyPress not working

I've set the open graph settings for our BuddyPress activity feed but UltFB is not displaying the OG info I specified.

The activity feed is at http://www.boldraw.com/community (feed redirects to /community/ instead of /activity/ as set in BP settings).

I've set the preferred OG settings (og:description, og:title and og:image) on both the /community/ page and the /activity/ page but UltFB only displays 4 standard OG data-fields, not my custom data.

How can I get UltFB to display the preferred custom og settings for title, description and image on our main activity feed?

UPDATE: I was able to set the og:image and og:description by setting the Fallback Image and a custom og: field (for description) in the main UltFB OpenGraph settings here: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wdfb#wdfb-section_header-wdfb_opengraph, but I'd like to be able to do it more granularly at the page level, because I don't want this Fallback Image and description for all pages.