Ultimate Facebook – Permissions problem

Have double checked all my settings on this plugin several times. Please see screenshot of one of the problems (however, I think both problems are the same thing). I am trying to use the facepile widget in the screenshot and it seems to be looking for permission.

I have, several times done the grant permissions, it allows me to the first pop-up and I click on allow, then the 2nd pop-up seems to hang there and nothing happens – I am logged into the correct facebook account and am admin of the only page for that account.

I am using google chrome – wp3.1.3 with iThemes Builder + child theme

This is the site url http://www.dancecorner.co.uk/

Have searched the forum, not sure what else to do as I don't even know if the permissions side of things is completing. I have to get rid of the hanging pop-up, when I try again, the screen changes as if the pop-up is going to come up but then just takes me back to the settings page, I have been saving before moving onto any other steps. If the persmissions did work the first time I did it then a notice perhaps that is was successful or something would be useful perhaps?

Help lol