Ultimate Facebook – Permissions problem

Have double checked all my settings on this plugin several times. Please see screenshot of one of the problems (however, I think both problems are the same thing). I am trying to use the facepile widget in the screenshot and it seems to be looking for permission.

I have, several times done the grant permissions, it allows me to the first pop-up and I click on allow, then the 2nd pop-up seems to hang there and nothing happens – I am logged into the correct facebook account and am admin of the only page for that account.

I am using google chrome – wp3.1.3 with iThemes Builder + child theme

This is the site url http://www.dancecorner.co.uk/

Have searched the forum, not sure what else to do as I don't even know if the permissions side of things is completing. I have to get rid of the hanging pop-up, when I try again, the screen changes as if the pop-up is going to come up but then just takes me back to the settings page, I have been saving before moving onto any other steps. If the persmissions did work the first time I did it then a notice perhaps that is was successful or something would be useful perhaps?

Help lol


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Just to be sure, have you set the URL of your web site within your Facebook application?

    Try disabling all plugins and reverting to the default theme before trying again. Also, open up a new browser, clear all cookies and cache and try it there.



  • SusanHope
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    OK Finally had the chance to try the suggestion of deactivating all other plugins and using default 2010 theme.

    Tried that and had the same results for both themes, which are:

    Like Box Widget works both with iThemes Builder + Child theme AND with 2010

    Facebook Connect Widget works both with iThemes Builder + Child theme AND with 2010

    Recommendations Widget works both with iThemes Builder + Child theme AND with 2010 (although I was not too sure which recommendations it was putting in their, my own FB profile recommendations or that of the Facebook page, which one is it meant to pull from?)

    Facebook Album Widget works both with iThemes Builder + Child theme AND with 2010, however, it seems to pull albums only from personal profile, I would like it to do that from the Facebook page BUT how do you find the Album ID?

    Like/Send buttons work above posts (using shortcodes) both with iThemes Builder + Child theme AND with 2010

    Facepile Widget does NOT work (as in attached image in earlier message) in either 2010 or Builder.

    As said earlier, I have checked the correct URL is in place for the website.

    Any suggestions what to do re the facepile widget and the bold stuff above?



  • SusanHope
    • Flash Drive

    Read another thread where it said that V1.0.5 is now out which places a URL box in the facepile widget to overide things, so I put the URL to the page in there and bam it all works.

    So the upgrade seems to have sorted things out..

    My only question left at the moment anyhow is – the recommendations widget – where is it getting it’s recommendations from that display in there, is it my user profile recommendations or my facebook page recommendations?



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