Ultimate Facebook permissions


My website is using BuddyPress with the Social Theme and the Ultimate Facebook (version Version 2.5.4, didn’t update to 2.6 yet).

Regarding the Facebook permission the app requires:

1. When a user tries to login to the app, he/she is being prompt with a Facebook login dialog that asks for permissions we are not using (FBlogin premissions.jpg). Facebook’s guidelines for developers are to only ask for the permission they are using. They said that there is a great correlation between the permission you ask for, and the number of users signing in to your website.

The only Ultimate Facebook’s widgets used in our website are ‘Facebook Connect‘ & ‘Facebook Like box‘. Therefore I have no need to ask for the permissions required by other widgets.

– Are the ‘Your profile info‘ & ‘Your events‘ permissions required for these widgets?

– Is there a way of removing these permissions and only asking for the relevant ones?

2. Regarding the Grant extended permissions section of the Ultimate Facebook settings.

The text says:

Some parts of the plugin will require you to grant them extended permissions on Facebook. If you haven’t done so already, it is highly recommended you do so now


– Can you please be more specific with the details here?

– Can you map a specific permission to the relevant widget?

– Are these Extended permission will now be required from each new user that signs in?

3. While doing testing I have added the Ultimate Facebook’s import comment feature, and I would like to remove it from my admin page, and the comments that were already collected from the database. How can I do that? (Facebook_comments.jpg)