Ultimate Facebook plugin and/or other social media plugins in Upfront theme?


We have installed the Ultimate Facebook plugin and would like to use it on the pages of our site build on/with Upfront Spirit theme. However, when the like/share option for _pages_ is on in the Ultimate Facebook settings, the like/share buttons appear in every single element on a given page (images, text boxes etc.), which is of course not what we want.
It seems to me that the Ultimate Facebook plugin does not work with the Upfront theme pages or are we doing something wrong here?
It would be important for us to be able to share pages in Facebook, so that the meta description and hero image of the page would follow to the FB post. How would this be possible?
Is there a social media plugin that you recommend to be used with the Upfront theme? We mainly use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Thanks so much for the help!

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Laura Janger-Laitio, Michael again! :slight_smile:

    This can be resolved by replacing the following file (via FTP):


    With the copy inside the attached .zip file. Once you do that, you should see those duplicate buttons disappear.

    Could you give that a try, please? :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

    P.S. Should you find that your desired page now has no share box displayed, we can change tactics (after the patch has been applied, of course), and instead insert this shortcode:


    Into a Text element inserted onto the page, inside the Upfront editor. It would entail having to do this for all pages created on your site, just so you're aware.

  • Laura Janger-Laitio

    Hi there,

    Before uploading the file, a few questions about sharing Upfront pages and posts and what is being displayed as the featured image and the meta text when using Ultimate Facebook or other ways of sharing the content. I have tried these options:

    1) I tried to share one of the blog posts with the Ultimate Facebook share button and the image does not display, but instead FB takes pinterest logo as the image... see the screenshot.

    2) I tried adding a new featured image in the backend where there is an option to do so (see the other screenshot). I then copied the url of the page and shared it on FB, but the featured image I had set did not display, instead there was a random image from the page. The metatext in the share came from the "content" box in the backend: "Your content goes here :slight_smile:".

    The FB like button on every page is of course good, but it would be also very important to get the _sharing_ to be easy and the featured image in FB to be the hero image in the given page or blog post. Also it would be nice to have the meta text from SmartCrawl to display in the share, or any text for that matter. :slight_smile: So how could these things be accomplished?

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Laura Janger-Laitio,

    I'd want to upload the file anyhow, it'll help with more than just Ultimate Facebook. :slight_smile:

    Going into your questions:

    #1 & #2: You'll want to check out the "OpenGraph Settings" box for a post, while inside the Dashboard, shown in the following screenshot:


    From there, you can enter a URL for a image into the "Custom OpenGraph Images" section.

    You'll want to ensure that inside of:

    Facebook -> Facebook Settings -> Facebook OpenGraph

    The box for "Use OpenGraph support" has been checked, as this'll be necessary for what I've advised here to function.

    You may need to use Facebook's Object Debugger afterwards, to get their cache cleared:


    Also it would be nice to have the meta text from SmartCrawl to display in the share, or any text for that matter.

    That'd be the job of the "Description" section in that box I mentioned, a description could be set up for Facebook there. :slight_smile:

    Could you give those a try please?

    Kind Regards,

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