Ultimate facebook plugin not working for scheduled posts

Hi there - I am using the Ultimate Facebook plugin and have it set up to post to Facebook but it is not doing so for posts that I have scheduled to post at a future time. I would like it to do it automatically at the scheduled time and include the featured image.

Currently the post auto-posted when I went back in later to make one of the images a featured image, but it had a weird caption with the image size etc in it and below that general meta-info from my site where I would like it to take text from the actual post instead (and do it when the post goes out at it's scheduled time.

Bonus: would LOVE to be able to pre-write the note to go above the shared link and excerpt in FB.

Bonus 2: would like to be able to specify author where it says "x minutes ago via APP NAME. My app name is mumble jumble bc I didn't want people confusing it with my Page.

Too demanding :grinning:


Thanks!! Nicole