Ultimate Facebook Plugin shortcodes not working in page

New User here:
I have successfully set up a Facebook app and am
trying to use the Ultimate FaceBook plugin to login
to my single site. What I would like to do is to use a
shortcode on a page such that once a user navigates to this page they would be asked to log in with their Facebook credentials. Once they have successfully logged in they would be redirected to another page.
I believe I have allowed registering with Facebook since under Facebook connect
I see the message Successfully connected to <my_Facebook-app>
but when I add this shortcode to the page
[wdfb_connect]To leave feedback First register with your Facebook login[/wdfb_connect]
I see nothing on the page and nothing in the Ultimate Facebook error log.
I am using the latest version of Word Press 4.5.2
and the Twenty Sixteen theme but tried downgrading to the Twenty Fourteen theme but got the same result; nothing appeared on page.
I've researched this issue and found one similar to mine from 2013
Any insights as to why I can't use this plugin and shortcode