Ultimate Facebook question

Hi there and Happy New Year,
I'm a new member and are very impressed with the WPMUdev greatness of it all!
Really liking it!
Here is my Question: Installed U FB and is working great! After I publish a new post it gets automatically submitted to FB(that's good, as I checked the box to do that). So all is good here, Then I look at the New "On Facebook" column under posts, where it says "Yes". That's good too! Here is my question, how can I turn the "yes" on the "On Facebook" column back to no? Basically how can I reset or switch this piece of data
back, so I can re-submit/re-post that post again in the future. (I tried looking in the WP sql database and could not find the entry).
Where is this data stored and how can I reverse this so I can re-post an article in the future.
Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated
Thanks for the great WPMU site!
Best Regards,