Ultimate Facebook question

Gosh. Wish instructions were easier and they were on the plugin site too.

Please tell me what I enter here: See attached Facebook

Please tell me what do do here: See facebook2

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    If you click on the question marks you will get some helpful info on what's happening.

    In the first box you need to put the App Name where it says "App name". This can be any name you want.

    The second box is is optional, leave it blank unless you are using opengraph

    The third box is irrelevant to you as I am assuming you don't need hosting, since your site is live.

    Once you fill that out and click Continue, you will be presented with a screen where you will get an APP ID and Secret Code.

    That is what you put in the APP ID Section where it says APP ID and Secret Code in your WordPress site

  • Kimberly
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    You need to point it to your page via the Ultimate Facebook Plugin.

    You will need to be logged in and an Administrator of the page to post initially, Facebook changed their permissions and is not letting people post as freely from certain outside sources.

    You will need to Grant extended permissions

    Then select where you want the posts to go (marketpress products are a custom post type and are considered posts)

    Glad you are getting it going :slight_smile:

    You've done great

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