Ultimate Facebook Registration

I am having a problem with Ultimate FB. I posted a different question that has not been resolved yet so I decided to ask a different question regarding this plugin. Right now when you register with FB there is a redirect that looks like this http://webdevelopmenthost.com/tritutor_032014/wp-login.php?action=register&fb_register=1
This page just says "Thank you for registering. Proceed to main site." I am using a redirect plugin for buddypress that should take new users and returning users directly to their profile page. This is not happening with Ultimate FB. In the settings the login redirect is set to go there but there is nowhere to set the register redirect. At first I tried with a redirect function for buddypress but thought that might be the problem so I removed the function and used the redirect plugin instead. This had no effect on the registration redirect.
Can someone PLEASE help me with this?
Thank you