Ultimate Facebook registration page and registration success templating/some info on pro-sites

The registration page for wordpress is modified by the Ultimate Facebook plugin if it is enabled for registration. Seemingly undocumented (except the code within wpmu-dev-facebook/class_wdfb_public_pages.php) is that you must copy 2 files to your template directory for the registration pages to be templated properly.

The two files that must be copied to your template directory are:

Within these files, just below the "get_header()" section is an html area where you can include some custom code. As you may guess, registration_page_success.php is called after successful registration.

Hopefully this helps some people! I spent several hours tracing this down. This is great if you want to include custom messages to customers during the registration process, provide links after registration or even include up-sell data.

If you are using pro-sites, because the code within registration_page.php is hard-coded to forward to registration_page_success.php you may need to modify the formwarding link to pro-sites packages page to have customers sign-up.

Man WPMUDEV rocks! I'm having so much fun with this!

  • Vaughan
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    hi @viciguy

    thanks for posting on the forum. We are happy that you are finding WPMUDEV enjoyable, hopefully we can build up a really good relationship.

    Many thanks for the tip on the registrations templates too, I'm sure many others witll find this useful.

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