Ultimate Facebook settings problem

Hi everyone,

I'm Justin and today I just bought and downloaded Ultimate Facebook as well as WPMU DEV plugins.

I've followed the video guide showing how to install and set Ultimate Facebook. Including the new video about creating a facebook app.

However, even if I follow step by step the video guide it doesn't work.

Sometimes,in Ultimate Facebook, the facebook API's checking arrow turns green and I'm able to proceed to the next step. I start customizing my settings and move onto the next steps but I can never finish it because before arriving to the end the facebook API's arrow turns red again for good.

Please see screenshots enclosed that explain my situation.

Also, I don't believe taht this is the reason why Ultimate Facebook would not work but I should specify that I bought the plugin and directly turn off the monthly check-out of 19$.
But I'm still a member until June 21st :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone could help me.
Thank you for what seems a great plugin, and have a great day!