Ultimate Facebook - Unable to post Events+ custom post types to Facebook Events

I've linked a site to facebook with the Ultimate Facebook plugin (latest version). Autposting posts to fb works fine, and getting comments back from fb also works fine.

What I am trying to do is set it up to where the Events+ custom post types map to my events section on a facebook page. I've configured this in the "Autopost to Facebook" settings ("Autpost Events to: Facebook events of this user: XXX").

For some reason every time I then post the event I get a red error box stating that the post was not posted to facebook.

When switching the option to "Autpost Events to: Facebook wall of this user: XXX" the post goes through (only it is posted to FB as a wall post, obviously).

Is Ultimate Facebook designed to allow what I'm trying to do and if so any ideas what could be causing the hiccup?