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I got problems with users signing up through the Ultimate Facebook plugin when they have umlauts in their usernames.
For example "Marion Müller" on Facebook becomes "marion_mller" as username and community-name in buddypress/WP.
Interestingly using the mapping to Buddypress-function of the plugin works: last name "Müller" on facebook creates "Müller" in Buddypress.

What can I do?


  • Vladislav
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    The reason for this is a difference in usage and behavior between usernames and display names in vanilla WordPress, or profile fields in BuddyPress. While display names (and other profile data) is treated as transient, not required and insignificant, the usernames are one of the core means of identifying an user. The WordPress itself disallows non-ASCII usernames, as there are some possible security ramifications to go along with allowing this.

    While it would be technically possible to override this behavior in WordPress and allow Ultimate Facebook to pass through umlauts (and other non-ASCII chars - say, Cyrillic) in user names, I really don't think this would be the best way forward, as it could open a whole different set of possible incompatibilities, with other plugins (e.g. BuddyPress) as well as the WP core.

    A possibly better approach might be transliteration - substituting a commonly used ASCII "stand-in" character (e.g. "u" for "ü" - or, say, "Dj" for "?" or "?" in my native language). This, of course, opens a whole different can of worms on its own.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    Just a quick update, with the latest plugin release (v2.4.1, just released), you can hook up to the new "wdfb-registration-username" filter to customize the username creation. This can be used to allow umlauts, or to e.g. make usernames conform your custom scheme.

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