Ultimate FB broken when I hide wp-admin from users


I was wondering if any of the folks at WPMU know why Ultimate Facebook breaks when I hide the backend (wp-admin) from all users without admin rights.

My guess is (since logging in via UFB sends the user to the dashboard) that the Facebook connection is triggered/established within the dashboard somehow, and I’m short-circuiting it?

I haven’t examined the plugin code very much, but I will now.

I do need to hide wp-admin from non-admin users, but I still want to take advantage of this wonderful plugin. If anyone can explain why this is happening and has a workaround, it’d be much appreciated :slight_smile:



PS here’s the code I added to my functions.php to redirect non-admins away from the dashboard:

function block_users_from_admin() {

if ( is_admin() && ! current_user_can(‘administrator’ ) ) {

wp_redirect( home_url() );




add_action( ‘init’, ‘block_users_from_admin’ );

And I do know that this code is the cause, as it works again as soon as I remove it.