Ultimate FB, Login, Register? Using custom button/redirect?

Have a silly question.

If someone clicks Login through Facebook, and they do not have an account, it will pop a FB Permissions/Auth window for the app, and then once auth, it will dump them to Wp-Admin, with a new account.

However, if someone clicks the Register With Facebook button, it gives them option to Prefill using facebook, but doesnt make an account in one click.

I do have 1 click Registration enabled.

Is it just supposed to be that way, or do i have soemthing setup wrong?

Also - is it possible to replicate this to post and create users on multisite, but have them redirect elsewhere?

For example, I want to have a 1 click access permissions step on a Fangate page, also make an account, then dump them on a secondary page (not wpadmin).

Is that possible?


    Hi in-mn,

    Sounds like a pretty complex setup and I'm not totally sure that can be done with Ultimate Facebook, it's not really designed for use outside your WordPress site itself. But others have gotten there sites to work within Facebook pages via iFrames and I imagine that might work for you as well. Have you considered that?

    As for the 1-click registration, I believe that's related to the login procedure. Let me ask one of the developers to have a look at this for clarification though.



    Yeah I guess i will have to beg borrow and steal some user creation code.

    There are plugins that allow me to http post new user accounts outside the wordpress realm, and that may be best. But I hate the idea of installing one more failpoint on my site


    Is the Login / Register working as intended?

    Ie, if you click login via FB, click button -> Grant Permissions -> Get dumped to WpAdmin dashboard as new user

    Vs register -> 'fill profile with facebook info' - but user still has to submit and create an account?



    There's a slight difference between how these two work, and their originally intended usage. For an example, if creating new sites is allowed, Facebook registration form will allow your users to request a new site as well when creating an account. Also, Facebook registration form will allow them to create a regular account (i.e. not linked with their Facebook account) should they wish to do so, if this is allowed. Additionally, the registration form can be extended and more info required from your users upon login.

    The single-click login/registration is not as configurable, and it's more of a quick way in for your new users to e.g. comment on your posts and such. So, both processes create a WordPress user, but in a slightly different way and with different options. It really depends on your site common usage scenario to decide which one (or both) makes most sense to implement.


    Makes sense - espeically the intended usage. Thanks gentlemen for the detailed responses.

    So would it make sense than to have a custom Registration page, with a login via Facebook option?

    With this plugin, is there a means to call the buttons outside of specific pages?



    If your site offers, e.g. creating a blog to your users, then the Facebook registration form would possibly make sense. The one-click registration button would make sense for users that wish just to have a quick access to your blog. You can add the connect button to any post or page using a shortcode (documented on the plugin's shortcodes page). Also, you can add Facebook registration form as well as the Facebook connect button using a Facebook Connect widget.

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