Ultimate FB - Map to Buddypress missing

Hi, managed to ultimate facebook working perfectly on a test site, but seems a little different on my main site.

In the settings, the 'Map To Buddypress' has no drop down box as it had on my test site.

My test site was a single install though which is the only thing I can see different.

Any ideas?


  • georgef
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey Phil, yes that's done.

    I did try run it along with buddystream. Realized that 2 fb apps can't run on one page so tried to connect them on one app. That didn't work.

    I've removed them all and started from scratch, even the app and no buddystream.

    Maybe I need to remove tables too. Or that too extreme?

  • georgef
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    No worries, not an obvious question at all.

    It's not that it's not mapping, the drop down box to select matching options does not show up.

    I'm going to do an upgrade and then report back.

    On our test site, I did have a developer add an option to have name+lastname as the username (see that's now added)

    It worked fine there though, so might be something to do on my main site.

    If that caused it, I might have to remove tables and do this from scratch.

    Maybe I do need to remove tables and get a clean start if the upgrade doesnt work.

    What are the tables called VeBailovity?

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev

    The tables for BuddyPress profile fields are wp_bp_xprofile_fields and wp_bp_xprofile_data (there is also wp_bp_xprofile_fields, but we're not using that one in UFb plugin).

    Specifically, wp_bp_xprofile_fields holds your fields description and the plugin looks there to see which fields we have at our disposal to attempt mapping to Facebook data. If it's empty, the plugin will not show any mapping options.

    The wp_bp_xprofile_data table houses the actual profile data corresponding to your field definitions.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev

    Oh, I see now, thanks for clarification. UFb doesn't use any tables on its own - rather, it uses the WordPress meta API to store data. Plugin options are stored in tables wp_options and wp_sitemeta (fields with meta_key/option_name prefixed with "wdfb_").

    Everything related to users is stored in wp_users (automatically created users) and wp_usermeta (fields with meta_key prefixed with "wdfb_"). If you're using comments import and autoposting, there will also be some data in wp_postmeta and wp_commentmeta (again, anything with meta_key prefixed with "wdfb_").

    Also, I may have figured out why the plugin didn't pick up your BuddyPress profile fields. Can you please try the attached version and see if it helps?

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