Ultimate FB Plugin WP: Include Like/Send Beneath Posts on Multi-Post Pages and Exclude Like/Send Bu

Hello All Good WPMU Devs,

For the Ultimate Facebook Plugin for WordPress, is there a way to:

1. Include the Like/Send buttons beneath individual posts on multi-post pages,

— and —

2. Exclude the Like/Send buttons from appearing on *SPECIFIC* URLs?

For example:

1. I WANT the Like/Send buttons to appear beneath EACH post on these pages:


and beneath EACH post on “Older posts” pages:


(Currently, the Like/Send buttons only appear on each post’s individual page, and NOT beneath each post on the multi-post pages with URLs ending in:

— /blog/

— or —

— /blog/page/nnn/ (where “nnn” is the “Older posts” page number.)

2. I do NOT want the Like/Send buttons to appear on:


(the base URL) because it upsets the “Feng-Shui” of my “landing” page.

Can “Hooks” be used to accomplish either of these?

Best Regards,

KXA (KXAPhotography.com)