Ultimate translate configuration

I am posting as I am having quite a lot of questions about this plugin. I have an MU site that we make multiple blogs with for people in different countries. We don't just want the post translated I need the whole site translated. We have the .po files translated and yet with this plugin and the widget I can't understand how to get one dropdown menu with a language on it that when they select the language the whole page whether it have blog posts or a normal page will show translated into that language. It seems like I need to have 2 dropdowns one for posts and one for my theme and plugins. I like how this plugin handles the translation of what it translates I am just confused as to how to achieve a whole site translation.
As a side note I am not a programmer and had not noticed that the plugin came with a widget I wasted 2 hours wondering why the thing didn't work until I saw the answer on the forum. I think it that more clear instructions would be welcome.