Ultimate Translate Issue


I write my blog in English and wanted it translated to Spanish. I only selected Spanish in the languages to translate, edited a page, and then previewed it. It showed up in Spanish and the widget only showed Spanish as the available language.

I went back to the settings and added English to the languages to translate. But every time I go to the settings for the plugin, I get this message: Attention: You have made setting changes that affect the rewrite rules for all blogs. Click below to rebuild the rewrite rules for all sites.

I click rebuild but nothing appears to happen. After a while, I click close.

I figured out there was a "default" option in the drop down and so removed "English". I'm still getting the rebuild message.

1) Why am I still getting the message?
2) Is it possible for the translator to include the text in widgets?
3) Can I use country flags instead of the drop down?
4) When I select the Spanish version of the page, the language selection widget sometimes disappears.
5) When I view the translated page, I can see the shortcodes on the page - they are not rendering as they are supposed to. It appears perhaps that the translator is translating on the fly? If so, it should translate before the shortcodes so they will continue to work.
6) Is it possible to edit the translated text? I have an employee that speaks Spanish so I was hoping the translation process would just help speed up the manual labor. I understand this isn't possible if the translation is done on the fly.
7) Does the translator also translate the text in the excerpt? My theme uses that in a few places.