Ultimate Translate only setted on: Translations have been disabled for all posts and pages.

I've installed UT like described on instructions via FTP on mu-plugins, but plugin seems not visible; then I've tried to install it via zip upload from WP, and it was installed in panel; then I've set it to install on whole site. First: however, plugin seems installed in plugin directory, not in mu-plugin; however, in pages, there is always the same setup: "Translations have been disabled for all posts and pages."

  • italydotcom
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    Of corse I've tried the way you suggest, but it doesn't work. No item on menu. I've tried many thinghs but no results. At the beginning, when I was installing for the first time, I installed the WHOLE directory, like you said. Than, I've tried to move files to the mu-plugins dir, without subdirectory. Doing this, I've first moved main file; at this time, I've seen an error on screen. What I 'm afraid now is that it has written something wrong somewhere in database, that now I've to fix. Do you think this maybe? Which solution?

  • Mason
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    I've first moved main file; at this time, I've seen an error on screen.

    Anytime you get an error please copy it and post it here so we can take a look. ;D

    In this case, if you only moved one file into the mu-plugins then you would get an error, but it's nothing to worry about. Just finish the installation (by moving the files) and everything should be up and running.

    If you're still having trouble and everything's installed correctly then let's verify that you're using the latest version of WordPress and the latest version of our plugin. Thanks!

  • italydotcom
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    Hi, masonjames
    I've tried everything, but nothing to do.

    I'm using:
    WordPress MU 2.9.2. and the latest version of your plugin.

    I've tried to:
    1. move files in mu-plugins, manteinig subdirectory structure
    2. move files in mu-plugins, coping all files in mu-plugins (this generates errors on panel, impossible to go on)
    3. install with panel install plugin procedure

    Number 1 seems to work, but only because in pages it is possible to see the new translation panel, but however it is impossible to use radio buttons. No lateral configuration panel, no line in plugin panel,

    I've tried many times to install and uninstall, result is always the same.
    Your plugin seems wonderful, but it seems have installation problem, I see other people with problems...

  • italydotcom
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Ok thanks, now finally I've UT in dashboard, BUT there is still a problem: it seems do NOT translate anything... I mean: I've tried to add German and English (I have an italian site); all seems to work but... result pages are with the same source text!

    More, I ask: what do I have to do to make the site fully functional, now that I have new URLS? If I translate the whole site, will I have an url like http://www.site.com/uk/ just with all the updated internal menu links?

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Can you provide us with some more information on how you have the plugin set up?
    How is each setting on the UT page set?
    When you selected "Translate Everything" Did you see a progress bar?
    What happens when you visit the new location-specific link?

    The more details you can provide the better we can help get this sorted for ya.
    Also, a link would be a great help as we could see what is going on! :smiley:

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