Ultimate Translate Plugin - translating navigation menu and remain on a language

I have installed the Ultimate Translation Plugin and got the sidebar Translations widget to work, mostly.

However, I have these 3 problems:

1. If I'm on the home page of the blog, and select a different language in the dropdown, it does NOT translate the homepage. All other pages can be translated.

2. I would like to make it so that when When someone selects language, and then goes to a different page in the top menu bar, that translation language choice gets remembered, and the user goes to that the front page in the same translated language.

3. I would also like to have the top menu bar translated in the website.

I know, this is asking a lot, and I would like to know if there are some prefabricated solutions already. I would be willing to pay a developer for modifying existing plug-ins so that they can achieve this purpose. Should I have been starting out with a different blog and than WP -- Ultimate Translate to achieve all these 3 above goals?