Ultimate translate v1.0.2

Hi all

I've just uploaded an update to the Ultimate translate plugin that fixes an issue detailed towards the bottom of this post:

Please let me know if this fixes / or doesn't fix the manual translation problem.

It is available from here:


  • john
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    thanks a lot Barry,
    found it, installed it and that issue is now cleared :slight_smile:
    i can select a language to translate and the translation is saved.

    when i view the post it appears in its original language
    however when i want to select an alternative language from the language widget selector, the chosen language doesn't show :
    see here an example

    am i doing something wrong in the config of the plugin or am i missing something ?

    (sorry for the double post, i think it belongs here better)

  • Barry
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    @lemedia - can you go back into the translation settings and add in (or remove a language) and save the settings (you can then remove the language again afterwards) so that it recreates the rewrite rules and see if that fixes it.

    I can't replicate the redirect back to the original post content on my local install.

  • Barry
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    Hmm, now I've not seen that before. If you go to the Settings -> Permalinks page (the main WP one) then WP will recreate the permalinks when that page loads - so that may give it a metaphorical kick and get it to create them again.

    If not then a hop into the database to remove the option with a key of "rewrite_rules" from the blogs options table before going back to the permalinks page may help.

  • john
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    deleted the files from mu-plugins and deleted all references to ut-xxx in the options database
    reinstalled the files.
    same issue, sticks at 12%
    the language selector widget does no longer appear.
    WP 3.0.1

  • john
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    i've left my site alone since my last post here
    and i've just tried again to click the rebuild button in the admin section of UT after deselecting one of the languages and it actually did rebuild...

    another problem remains though as the post still doesn't select the other language from the selector widget.
    it constantly returns to the default language of the post.

    even if i force it to view the /fr/ alternative
    it returns the original post.

    any ideas or suggestions welcome

  • Barry
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    @lemedia - if the rewrites rebuilt correctly then the only other way I can make my install redirect back to the original post url is if I haven't got a translation for that language - which would suggest that there is some other issue with the linking of the original post and the translated versions.

    Can you try the following for me?
    1. create a new post on the site and make a note of it's id
    2. create a translation for that post and save the post.
    3. see if the redirect still occurs for the posts translation on the front end.

    If it still does the same then, if you have access to the database, have a look in the following:

    Look for a recent post in the wp_x_posts table with a post_type of ut-localization and a post_parent of the id you noted down in step 1 above. Check the content and make sure that it is the translated content.

    Make a note of this posts id as well. Next have a look in the postmeta table (wp_x_postmeta) for records with a post_id of the translated post you just found.

    There should be a few but the key ones we want to make sure exist are:
    _ultimate-translate-parent which should have a value of the id in step 1 above.
    _ultimate-translate-localization should be set to the language code
    _ultimate-translate-child-lang should be set to the language code

    If all these exist and seem to have the correct information then I'll have to post you some debug code to paste into the plugin so we can get a report out of what it is trying to do.

    Hopefully by following the above though, we may be able to spot something with a simpler solution.

  • john
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    Hi Barry,

    i've followed your instructions to the letter and here are the results.
    here is the new post :
    its ID is 160

    as you will see it was created properly, but then again, when another language is selected it doesn't show up.
    i checked the db and found the entries you mentioned.
    Found the translated post being ID 162
    so checked the result in wp_x_postmeta
    see snap below.
    i hope this gives you an indication of what goes wrong.

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