Ultimate Translate Work Around - and it works!

Greetings :slight_smile:

my goal is to have supporter only blogs/websites have the ability to choose Ultimate Translations and allow them to configure the translations themselves - what languages and which posts.

But what I found was no Ultimate Translation menu in the supporter menus allowing them to configure their choices.

Therefore what I did find to accomplish the same mission was to enable the Ultimate Translator as network activate then the configuration menu appears in the network admin under settings-->Translation Settings.

I then configured it as if these are the optional settings I want to allow supporters to be able to configure.

In my case I chose these options:

Allow Blog Admins to Configure Translation Settings

Translation -->Automatic

Check marked the languages I wanted to make available for the supporters to chose from

Do not redirect visitors on language guess.

Then save settings.

I then went back to the plugins and chose Network Deactivate

Still in Network Admin I went to Supporter-->Premium Feature Activation and set the Ultimate Translator to supporters

(optional plugin) --> I also did the same with Plugins-->Plugin Manager setting the option to supporters

Done and ready on the Network Admin side :slight_smile:

In the supporters website I went and activated the Ultimate Translation Plugin

When I check the posts and pages in a supporter blog at the bottom of the post or page are the Ultimate Translate Options (that I earlier gave when I configured) for the supporter user to include the languages that I had chosen to allow :slight_smile:

Translate this page or post
Do not translate this page or post

Automatically translate this page or post
Manually translate this page or post

This page or post has not yet been translated.

Languages Available to Translate Into
Translate remaining languages

Translate into Bulgarian
Translate into German
Translate into Spanish

That's it and it works for me. I even had a couple of posts translated and checked them and the Translator Plugin itself worked flawlessly.

I checked a non-supporter site and the Translator options are not present as hoped and expected :slight_smile:

Joe :slight_smile: