Unable to access advanced image editing... error message

I have searched high and low for the answer to this, so I thought I'd come here to see if any of you could point me in the right direction. I have several WordPress installations. All started out working fine, but they have one by one started giving me this error message when I try to edit an image:
"You don't have permission to access /wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wpeditimage/editimage.html on this server."

- Changing permissions does not fix it.
- The searching I did led me to the possibility that it's related to mod_security, but I can't find any traces of mod_security on my server. (I have a dedicated server.)

It has to be something simple, and I suspect it's related to my server settings but I'm stumped because the error seems to start happening out of nowhere.

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    Greetings @ogia

    Thank you for being a member of our community and for posting to the forum.

    When looking at the file path on the error message it does look a lot like you're having a problem with the TinyMCE Javascript WYSIWYG editor. If you have something like this installed on your root directory, it would be best to check with tinyMCE for support. Otherwise see if the issue is fixed when changing the global unmask permission from 022 to 002.

    Otherwise it would be best to check with your host again. And try to recall, if you recently installed any new modules on your hosting account, it might actually have an affect on this.

    In any case, all the best with this and let me know if you get sorted.


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    umask permissions have no effect. Normal users are already set to 002.

    I realize it's like a needle in a haystack unless you've already run into the problem. It saw the issue discussed many times when I was searching on google, but no one reported how the problem was fixed other than the few that were having the issue due to mod_security. I was hoping somewhere here might have heard of it before. I have a dedicated server, so I am my host.

    Thanks for trying.

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    Hmm, sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I searched for answers myself, but this is really all I found, as you also said.

    I will ask our developers as well and if I have any feedback I will let you know immediately.

    Have a good weekend and talk soon!


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