Unable to Access Chat - Sys Mssg "Cookies Must be Enabled" - They ARE - I Can See WPMU Coo

I am unable to access WPMUDev's Chat System. The Chat GUI displays message "Cookies must be enabled" and won't allow me to start a session.

Cookies ARE enabled. I could "see" the WPMU cookie when I searched the loaded cookies (hundreds of them).

I have cleared cookies, re-launching browser, logging in and out of WPMUDev directly and via The HUB, etc.

Chrome browser. Cookies ARE enabled. HELP. I have been running around in circles.

Since I couldn't chat AND couldn't use WPMUDev's contact form (for reporting tech/support issue) I ended up submitting this issue (chat & underlying tech issue with Sidebars Pro) via the form saying it was a "Pre-Sales" issue. Don't blame me. It was the best I could accomplish with the system problems I've been presented with. I did NOT wish to make this a public/forum issue but I've run out of alternatives.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Jeffrey,

    I'm sorry to hear about those issues you are having. Can you try with another browser (like Firefox) and see if then you can use Live Chat?
    Please also provide me information about your Operating System and browser. Do you use any add-on in your Chrome? If yes, can you check if disabling add-ons will help with issue?

    AND couldn't use WPMUDev's contact form (for reporting tech/support issue)

    Was there also issue with our contact form? Can you tell me more about it? Where there any errors when you tried to submit message?

    kind regards,

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