Unable to access server from home network after domain mapping plugin install

I have recently installed the Domain Mapping plugin. The install went well and I was able to Network Activate the plugin. When I went to settings for the plugin the Server IP Address was auto-resolved and so I left it set to what it had resolved to.

But now I am unable to access anything on the server from my home network (same network I was on when I setup and installed the plugin). I can't even connect via FTP. The site is: http://bxbsecure.net/

However, I can access the site from my phone (using cellular data) and others can still access the site from their own computers on their own networks. And I have no issue viewing other sites from my home network.

Do you have any recommendations on what to try to do in order to resolve this issue?

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Daniel!

    I'm able to ping the URL, and I can access it fine. I have two suspects for what might be causing this:

    1. The IP address may have been incorrect, but the changes haven't yet propagated so everyone else is seeing an old version. (Unlikely, unless you make the change within the past 24 hours or so.)
    2. You may have accidentally blacklisted your home IP address on your server. Can you still access your control panel? There's a slight chance your host may have blacklisted you, as well. (It's happened to me before, usually just an oversight.) It's worth a support ticket to your host, regardless.

    Let me know if neither of these is likely, or if your host confirms you're not blacklisted. Thanks!

  • Andre Foisy
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hello there @Daniel Eller

    What this sounds to me is that for some reasons your home IP address has been blocked by your hosting provider's firewall. You might want to contact your hosting provider's help desk explaining the problem and asking them to whitelist your IP address. You can learn about your IP address from here:

    Now, for running the domain mapping plugin you need a dedicated IP address to the DocumentRoot where your WordPress Mutlisite is installed. This is very likely /public_html/ , however if you installed a add-on domain to your cpanel it could also be /public_html/theaddondomainhere and this is where the dedicated IP address must be pointed to.


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