Unable to access subdirectory dashboard (site accessible though no format)

We've searched for this issue and have found nothing on WPMUDEV and the limited articles online have shed no light whatsoever on this issue. Installed Multisite, then MarketPress and New Blog Templates and while it seems everything is ok we're unable to access the dashboard for the test subdirectory site and the site itself doesn't seem to be using the theme that was designated for it?

Are we missing a plugin to make all this work, or possibly an issue when setting this up? We worked real hard to keep the site design & homepage/shop page as is and found a workaround to make it so that we didn't have to convert the existing site to Multisite with subdomains, and now we just can't seem to get anything working properly. Please advise at your earliest convenience, already a behind on this and I'm getting an earful from client (family, they're the worst!).

At this point I'm just wondering if we'd be better off completely deleting site/database tables, etc. (have backups from 2 days ago, so the media and other items that are important would still be available), and starting from scratch so that we can follow in order all directions for setting this up, but would hate to incur even more work to get this site completed and functional. Thanks...