unable to add javascript encoded mailto

Hi, I'm trying to add an encoded mailto link, generated here:


to prevent the link being harvested by spambots.

Every time I paste in the code (using 'Write Custom Code", I immediately get a dialogue asking if I want to leave the page or stay on it. Clicking stay does nothing, leaving takes me to a plain text page with just the link displayed. I tried the Embed Code option too but no joy.

This is the actual code I'm trying to add to a custom code box (javascript tab):

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
var gfagvpu = ['e','2','i','4','i','r','<','>',' ','>','f','n','l','c','"','m','e','4','o','j','a','g','o','a',':','@','"','f','"','"','m','a','m','a','a','r','t','g','i','@','r','l','f','/','n','o','s','a','=','.','.','<','j','s','=','h','i',' ','2','m','o','a','o','l'];var xastsyd = [39,54,16,25,42,58,0,45,31,63,18,17,33,32,38,53,5,55,14,21,10,59,19,41,15,50,44,48,8,30,23,34,9,22,1,4,13,29,46,20,28,12,6,61,47,27,35,62,37,56,26,60,51,36,7,3,11,2,24,40,49,52,57,43];var kpitynf= new Array();for(var i=0;i<xastsyd.length;i++){kpitynf[xastsyd[i]] = gfagvpu[i]; }for(var i=0;i<kpitynf.length;i++){document.write(kpitynf[i]);}
// --></script><noscript>Please enable Javascript to see the email address</noscript>

It's currently a local development using XAMPP. Please advise as to how I should add this code.