Unable to add new entries for a custom taxonomy


Just installed custompress and created a new post type and a new taxonomy and some custom fields to be used on the new post type pages. All is fine until I try to add a new custom taxonomy entry; wordpress says "Cheating uh!" and does not allow me to do so. New entries (categories) can be added from the custom post edit page with no problem. Also:

Maybe I should post this as a separate topic but there's a problem in the interaction of custompress with gravity forms as well and I believe it has to do with the custompress code and not the gravity form's. Here's the problem:

When I use another plugin (meaning not custompress) to create custom post types and custom fileds these show up on the gravity forms custom post fields thanks to the Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types add on. However when I create them with custompress they don't show up and as such I can not create a form to collect data for my custom post types. It would be great to get this working as this is a really neat way of collecting data for custom post types.

Any ideas ?

Thanks !