unable to add sites to network error message

I created a couple of sub sites using new blog template and every thing seemed to be set up okay for the first hundred or so. Now I received an error message that I am unable to add a site "site-new.php?action=add-site. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly."
I tried adding the site again and it said that the site exists although it doesn't show in my list of network sites.
I tried adding a site by a different name and the same problem occurred.
The username shows but not the site. I receive a super admin's copy of the new user email but not a copy of the new site created email.
I can visit the site that is created although it doesn't show in my network list. Everything seems to have copied over except for membership plugin.

I used mutli db to set the site up for thousands of blogs and the server has a lot of room on it.