Unable to creat blogs


Not long ago I was having some problems with my hosting company when they managed to bring everything down. I thought it was fine but after adding about 80 pages to the main site I decided to get busy on setting up the themes and adding some blogs. Well, it seems that everything is not alright, When I try to add a new blog i get a message that says "server not found". I tried deleting the subdomain and adding new ones but get the same thing. I do have it set up properly with the * for subdomains. I' was thinking it might be the .htacess file but after checking another installation which seems to have it working they seem to be the same.

I'm at a loss as to where to look now. Any dieas> It's strange that the old test site works fine. Could it be the database ofr hopefully just a simple setting that I'm missing. (It did work before the hosting company made a mess of it)

I have a meeting with the client tomorrow afternoon and wanted to show them some of the themes and things we can do.