Unable to create a template for sub sites


I am using WordPress mu and and installed custom press but i am getting the option to create a template file for my sub sites. Please help.

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    Hi Paridhiman thanks for being a member and for using the forum.

    Lets see if I can help, to be honest I think I need more details of what you are trying to achieve here as Im not sure I fully understand your question. Do you think you could clarify it for me?

    I also hope you are not using WordPress MU as it doesnt really exist anymore its WordPress Multisite I believe now. Pedantic I know but sometimes necessary if we are to get all the info to help you.

    Lets just see if I can guess a bit to shed some light. Custom press does NOT create template files for sub sites, it allows you to create very cool custom post types with ease.

    If you want to change the look of a subsite you would log into the sites admin and change its theme in the “Appearance” menu just like on your main blog/site.

    Im not sure if that helps at all but please clarify your question and I will endeavour to help more :wink:


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    Hello Paridhiman,

    I am a bit confused of what you asked.

    In CustomPress Settings, you have the option to create Custom Templates for your Custom Post Types. Its useful if you wish to have a template different from your default WordPress post templates.

    Let me know what you need help with. Looking forward

  • Paridhiman
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    Thanks for your reply

    But sorry their was a mistake in writing.I am using wordpress with multisite and i have created some blogs under my main website and using Custom Press for Custom Post’s in these blogs. I want to create a custom page template file for my Custom Post Type (course).

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